Therapeutic Products at Be Well

Be Well stocks a range of therapeutic products that support natural wellbeing, relieve pain and help you to get the most out of your chiropractic adjustments. Here are a few of our best:

Tui Balms

We are a proud supplier of Tui Balms, an all natural, organic product created in a sustainable co-operative in Golden Bay. With over 30 years experience in producing premium quality balms with an ever expanding product range, Tui Balms really are the best in the business. We are currently stocking the 'warming and easing', 'cooling and soothing,'  'relaxation' and 'women's blend' versions of their massage balms. 

Sarena uses these balms while massaging tense neck and back muscles on her patients at Be Well. They help to relieve sore, tired muscles, providing pain relief and supporting healing with arnica and essential oils. They are a great product for at-home relief. 

The cooling and soothing balm contains powerful anti-inflammatories, with active herbal ingredients like arnica, hypericum, yarrow and chamomile. Added menthol gives a wonderful cooling sensation on the skin, aiding to reduce inflammation and pain. This balm is great for use after exercise, and on new injuries or tender muscles. The balm can also help reduce bruising after injury, and decrease recovery time after impact or repetitive strain injuries. 

The warming and easing balm is an excellent source of pain relief for chronic pain caused by muscle injury, arthritis, rheumatism and poor circulation. This balm is also great to use after exercise. Essential oils including black pepper, cajuput, camphor and arnica work to create a relaxing warming sensation, as well as soothe muscles and ease muscular stiffness and joint pain.

The relaxation balm is formulated to help with insomnia, nervous exhaustion and stress conditions. It is perfect for a relaxing massage or as a skin conditioner after a hot shower or relaxing bath. Essential oils including arnica, vetiver, ylang ylang and petitgrain help you to soothe, hydrate and relax.

The women's blend is formulated for PMT, menopause, genital-urinary infections, nerves, rheumatism and swollen ankles and feet. It is made with natural oils, organic NZ beeswax, vitamin E, and essential oils of frankincense, bergamot, lavender and geranium. Perfect for relaxing after a long day or hydrating your skin after a hot shower.

Spikey Massage Balls

Massage balls are self-massage tools which can be used for muscle release techniques, trigger point massage, improving circulation and relaxation and self-massage exercises, simulating the effects of a sports massage. They stimulate muscle reflexes to ease tension, and are excellent for relieving pain from sports injuries, workplace soreness and muscle imbalances. 

For best results use your spikey ball each day, place the spikey ball on the sore point in the muscle and use your body weight to increase the pressure for a few minutes. Sarena recommends these exercises for common areas of muscle tension.

Foam Rollers

Another excellent tool for muscle release is a good quality foam roller made from high density foam. Muscle tension increases with postural or muscular imbalance; exercising and training; and long hours working at a desk. Muscles and surrounding fibres become thick and tight. Rolling tense muscles over a foam roller is the perfect adjunct to your morning or evening stretches at home. It is also a great way prep and recover from a workout.

Sarena will recommend specific stretches for some patients, and demonstrate how to reduce a pattern of tension with a roller when they come in for a check up at Be Well.  Some of our patients find they get a lot of relief from hip and back tension by using the foam roller on the thighs- releasing the hamstrings, TFL and quadriceps. Neck and shoulder tension can be reduced rolling over the scapula and along the side of the rib cage to reduce tension in the latissimus, levator scapulae and deltoids.  

Benefits of using a foam roller include:

  • Increased blood flow to your muscles and throughout the body, which improves delivery of oxygen -especially useful during a workout. 
  • Relief from muscle tension, a common cause of pain built up in a workout or from sitting with bad posture.
  • Increased range of motion of a joint. The action of foam rolling stretches out and lengthens your muscles. This can also help prevent injury.
  • Decrease recovery time. Foam rolling can help with muscle repair so you aren’t left feeling as sore and sorry the next day after a workout.
  • It can help to reduce inflammation and scar tissue. Rolling improves blood and lymphatic flow which will help with the removal of toxins; and improve the health of tissue.

Neck Support / Lumbar Rolls

The rolls we sell have a wide variety of uses. They are made with high density quality foam for excellent support, feature a strap -making it perfect for positioning- and are finished in a washable cover for ease of cleaning.

Relieve Back Pain and Align Your Spine
Attached to your chair, it provides a firm support for your spine and lower back and encourages correct posture so you can avoid slouching. This both prevents and relieves back pain.

Relieve Neck Pain
If you have visited us before you will know one of the key care recommendations Sarena suggests is when lying on your back place a roll under the curve of your neck.  This can be done with a bath towel rolled up between 10 and 15cm in diameter or by using one of these foam rolls. This is a great resting posture after yoga or a workout. Sleeping like this is ideal, as more is more!- but at least 15 minutes a night will help to improve neck alignment. 

Tempur Pillows - for support while you sleep

With 7-9 hours being the ideal amount of sleep an adult should be getting each night, your choice of pillow is important. Your pillow affects both your quality of sleep and the health of your spine. The right pillow provides can help relieve neck and back pain and even reduce snoring.

At Be Well we stock the Tempur Original Pillow an ergonomic support pillow. This is the original patented memory foam pillow  which is also. The design follows your natural curve supporting your head, neck and shoulders to properly align your spine and give you a perfect night’s sleep. Using Tempur’s unique hypoallergenic material, they respond to your body's weight and warmth, conforming to your shape to ensure you are well positioned to enjoy a good night’s sleep and provide superb pressure relieving comfort. Unlike an ordinary memory foam pillow or down pillow, a Tempur pillow returns to its original shape night after night. And for ease for use the cover can be removed for washing (up to 60° C).

Visit our studio to try any of these products! 

-Be Well