Things that Make Us Feel Great

Ever so often I realise that I've got into a rut. That I'm more existing from day to day rather than enjoying this wonderful life. It always comes down to the simple same oversight- I've been neglecting to do the things that make me feel good. 

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There's lots of things you can do to make yourself feel good but I find it easiest to break it down to 3 different areas.......

1) Take some time for yourself

This one seems at first glance to be an easy one to achieve, but it is often the first item to get cancelled off one's list. With so many things we 'need' and 'have' to do we forget to prioritise what we need for ourselves. Taking some time for oneself is essential and can benefit many areas of our lives; work, home, relationships and our general outlook.

When I'm really busy, deciding to do something for the sheer pleasure of it fills me with guilt; thoughts of what little time I have and what an indulgence this bit of leisure is flood my brain. Once I have even just a small amount of time for myself I feel I have a better perspective on my life and I'm usually, in this time, reminded that there's so much to feel good about. It's like taking a small step back and being able to observe for a moment my life and the things that are going on with me. 

The things I chose to do are usually very simple pleasures- taking some time to sit down with a good book and a cup of tea, listening to music while painting a picture, taking a leisurely bike ride, going to a pilates class. I feel like I'm brought back to me and when I go back to my busy schedule I feel like I've managed to somehow get rid of a big portion of stress and am much better equipped to deal with any of the obstacles this hectic life throws at me. 

2) Do something for a friend

The people we have in our lives are what make it all worthwhile- don't ya think? Making an effort to show your appreciation for the people who support us, care for us and experience this life with us not only makes them feel good but seeing our loved ones happy is going to make us feel great too.


To show your appreciation you don't need to make a grand gesture; hand write a thank you note or prepare a bunch of flowers for them- in Wellington you can easily pick and arrange a lovely bunch of flowers without much hassle- tie with a little ribbon; you'd be surprised how good they can look. Bring them over their favourite meal or most importantly put aside some time for them; be there for them. 

In Psychology Today I came across a really nice article that discusses gratitude and how it benefits us. Expressing gratitude aids contentment, strengthens relationships,  and helps our health and our sleep pattern!

3) Do something for a stranger

Doing something for a stranger is taking an attitude of kindness a step further; it's spreading a little bit of goodness out into the world. Sometimes it's just nice to be nice- I make a point to give compliments when I see somebody sporting something nice or seeing someone who has great hair, whether I know them or not I let them know. It feels really good to receive a compliment, it really perks me up and it's nice to possibly do that for others. If that doesn't come naturally to you then there are many other good deeds you can do.

If you fancy marrying your good deed with some group bonding Roland MacDonald House have some great things set up. You can participate in a cook night where you and your group of your friends or work mates cook a meal together for the families staying there, who are away from their homes with a hospitalised child. There's also the opportunity to showcase your talents by providing some entertainment for the children of the house.  

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Kaibosh is another great organisation. They supply quality food donated from around Wellington to people in the community who need it the most, while at the same time helping our environment by cutting down on food waste. It's amazing to see a project like this bringing our community and businesses together in such a positive way. There's many ways to help out; if you have time you can give back by donating some of it or you can support them financially by donating on a one off basis or by becoming a regular supporter.

It's so easy to get caught up with this busy life. It's seems that everyone I know is juggling a multitude of things, but every once in a while it feel so good to take the time to appreciate ourselves, our loved ones and our community!