Are the Arches of Your Feet Properly Supporting Your Posture?

Be Well is proud to announce a new addition to our studio, a 3D Body View. This is a scanner that allows us to take in-depth, 3-D images and videos of your feet to identify asymmetries or imbalances that may be affecting your posture. 


Feet are the foundation of the entire body, so it's no surprise that issues with the feet can end up causing issues throughout your body. If you suffer from knee, hip, lower back or neck pain, imbalances in your feet could be aggravating, or even causing these issues. 

Having stable feet is essential to maintaining proper posture through the hips and spine. If an imbalance is found in your feet, there are exercises that can be prescribed  to help you strengthen your plantar vault - the three arches of the foot. However, if the arches are too compromised then Be Well can arrange for personalised orthotics to be made for you, specifically designed to your foot giving you the support and stability you need. The orthotics offered by Be Well Chiropractic are of superior quality, and can offer you comfort and support in every activity you do. 

Having a stable foundation is an essential part of maintaining your spinal health. Having well supported feet can help you become pain free permanently. Well supported feet can also help patients to hold their chiropractic adjustments better, and for longer. Pop into Be Well for a 3-D scan and analytic report to optimise your spinal health.