Decorating Easter Eggs with old-fashioned charm

Every Easter I went to my Grandparents to decorate three dozen easter eggs with my brothers for the big hunt. My husband is Danish and his family traditionally to used things from nature to decorate so together we had some great ideas this Easter. Dan picked some leaves from the garden and we wrapped the eggs with the leaves and twine. Then we soaked them in cups of dye and they were almost too pretty to eat!

easter eggs

Prepping and decorating  your eggs is easy:

  1. Hard boil or blow out the raw egg if you want to preserve your art. I did shuffle a few eggs around at the grocery store to find the lightest eggs.

  2. Wrap eggs in twine, leaves or anything that may create a pattern. 

  3. Add vegetables or food colouring to water along with a teaspoon of vinegar to your cups. 

  4. Soak eggs between 2-8 minutes.

Nature's colour

  • Purple Cabbage leaves with vinegar retains the purple
  • Purple Cabbage leaves without vinegar makes blue
  • Tumeric for yellow
  • Grated Beetroot for red
  • Boil an egg or two wrapped in Red Onion skins for earth tones

The Easter Bunny made a special appearance  and hid our eggs while the kids ducked away in the room with a story. After the kids hunted for the eggs around the garden we had egg salad sandwiches for lunch. Yum!