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Be Well is about treating yourself to good health all year around.

Wellington Chiropractor Sarena Syphers offers relief from your symptoms with gentle, and effective care to promote long term healing.  Sarena is certified in Applied Kinesiology chiropractic and enjoys running a family practice in Newtown. 

Sarena will spend  40 minutes with you on your first session to provide a comprehensive consultation and  examination for a  precise diagnosis. She will locate the source of your ailments and come up with a care plan to begin the healing process and aim eliminate the discomfort you feel as soon as possible.  

Sarena has a holistic approach and will work on reducing  muscle tension using massage techniques and soothing nerve tension with chiropractic care.  At Be Well we  aim to bring your health up to a level of wellness that can be maintained.  We take our time to understand the issues you are facing to ensure that the care we provide is appropriate and effective.  We work with your body to ensure you are functioning at your best and can endure the stresses associated with our every busy lives. We make a point to make sure our patients leave Be Well feeling great!